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If your toilet, or water closet, is old or in need have repair, you may find it's cheaper to install a new one than to patch up the existing one, especially if you do the job yourself. Installing a new toilet is actually a rather simple plumbing procedure that can be accomplished in just a few steps.

The exposed flange is the mounting base for your new toilet. Discard the old bolts.

First, place the two new, 5/16-inch bolts in the holes located on the sides of the exposed flange, with the bolt heads inside the flange. Then put the new toilet gasket on the flange, with the flat side pointing up, if tapered. Lower the new bowl straight down, centering it on the wax ring and making sure both bolts come though the holes on each side of the bowl. Apply pressure straight down, squeezing the wax to create a seal and mounting the bowl flush with the floor.